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"There may be nothing new under the sun, but permutation of the old within complex systems can do wonders."

Stephen Jay Gould


Tapes from Thailand

2020 / 6,5 Min.

Sometime between the mid 60s and early 70s an American soldier recorded tapes
for his sweetheart at home. He not only has to struggle with loneliness, but also with
the adversity of the chosen communication method.
By that, about 30% of the information is dominated by the medium itself. 

16:9 HD / Apple ProRes 422 HQ / Stereo
Englische Audio / engl. or german texted /
engl. + german subtitles available

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trailer


Adios Breaker 55

2019 / 30 Min. / German Language only

In front of a video projection the idiosyncrasies of CB radio are documentarily examined and staged in a fictional plot.
A reader clarifies the facts, while a radio operator with the nickname Jim Jones is in contact with Rocky.
Some customs of this social network may seem strange, others too well known.

"CQ, CQ - general Call. Jim Jones here."

The medium is the message. Unfortunately there´s also troll-like sabotage, that malignantly interferes the radio communication.

video projection / lecture performance / staged reading / portrayal
German original version 



2019 / 93 Min.

Cassette-Television re-narrates 15 years in the evolution of video as a mass medium in West Germany.
It starts with the visions of a revolution and ends within the regressive climate during the era of chancellor Kohl.
Besides the rich use of archive material the protagonists of Soyuz Apollo have their say.

16:9 HD / Apple ProRes 422 HQ / Stereo
German original version
Englisch version available (dubbed and with subs)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trailer

Host: Otto Kiborg
Newsreader: Nihil Yang
Contemporary witness: Jim Jones
Television voice: Thorsten Wagner


Death on screen 

2018 / 90 Min.

Death is omnipresent as a topic in Culture and Art.
Comic and Film share visual and narrative aspects - in this multi-media performance they also share the screen.

A cooperation with the comic artist Eva Müller (

Multimedia comic reading / Video- and 16mm projektion
German original version
Englisch version available (dubbed and with subs)


Caution image - here comes the sound!

2018 / 45 Min. / German Language only

With original examples, in presentation and commentary "Caution image..." shows, how the sound design
has significantly influenced filming with Super 8.
The stylistic features of this audiovisual practice are analytically, curiously and enthusiastically regarded
and commented in this Performance.

Super 8 projektion / Lecture performance
Original language in German


From the TV Archiv

work in progress

Pieces of our television archive are processed in videos and by that are set into new context.

Television as a counterpart: "Tschernobyl"

A news communication in the case of catastrophe

Film & Psychology: "Flashback - James Dean"

A psychoanalytic contemplation


Talking about politics

2018 / 4 Min. / German Language only

"Talking about politics" is a recording of a radio talk about politics.
The content oozes away, while the discussion partners don´t get together in the struggle of their positions.

Objekt und Fotografie

Hooded Cut-Off


In the collection "Nihil Yang Streetwear" a jacket in the cut-up style was designed.
The associated photography stages the piece und underlines the attributes of the fashion brand.
Urban and young lifestyle is represented and flirts with the attributes of marginalised and criminal contexts.


Nihil Yang plays music: "Yesterday´s noise"

2014 / 6 Min.

"Yesterday´s noise" is an audio mashup, which can be allocated in the genre of industrial music by form and content.  The sounds of this aged youth culture talk about war, archaic rituals, industrial work and other things, which are difficult to bear. 


Video archive: Thorsten Wagner


We distribute the works of the media artist Thorsten Wagner

From 2008 - 2011 he created filmic works that deal with documentary styles and their protagonists.
More details can be found on the artist´s homepage:
or can be requested via our contact form.

Billhorner Brückenstrasse 40
20539 Hamburg