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News - (archive)

20th March 2021

Together with LU'UM Soyuz Apollo developed a Live-Format in which both collectives
introduce their work. (YouTube-Link).

December 2020
VASTLAB Experimental Film Fest 

Tapes from Thailand is part of VASTLAB Experimental Film Fest in Los Angeles.

November 2020
Experimental Film Guanajuato 

Tapes from Thailand is part of Experimental Film Guanajuato (Mexico).

Oktober 2020

Tapes from Thailand is part of WILD OUT VIDEO FESTIVAL in Taipeh (Taiwan).

September 2020
Phoenix monthly Short Film Festival 

Tapes from Thailand is part of Phoenix monthly Short Film Festival in Toronto (Kanada).

1st of September 2020 // 8:30 pm
B-Movie to audience - Come in please! 

Soyuz Apollo is guest at the B-Movie and performs at a live- stream with Sarah Adam.

Accomplished with the kind support of the fund »Kunst kennt keinen Shutdown«

20th of June 2020
SPLICE Film Fest 

Tapes from Thailand has its world premiere at the SPLICE Film Fest in New York.

16th of June 2020
Experimental Forum 

Cassette-Television received an honorable mention at the Experimental Forum in Los Angeles.

17th of June 2020

As a part of ARKINO an artist talk about Cassette-Television is available online:

22nd - 31st of May

Cassette-Television is part of ARKINO (Mexico) and available with spanish subtitles in its online edition.

June 2020
Sapeurs MX

Cassette-Television is distributed within Mexico by Sapeurs MX.

16th of January 2020

The trailer of Cassette-Television is finished (Link)

06. Januar 2020
Tapes from Thailand

A new video work named Tapes from Thailand is completed. (More info).

21th of December 2019 // 8pm

Soyuz Apollo is presenting the performance "Caution image - here comes the sound!"
at the B-Movie in Hamburg during the Shortfilm Day 2019. 

10th of December 2019
Shortfilm Day 2019 

Soyuz Apollo and the B-Movie are awarded for an outstanding program during the Shortfilm Day.

22nd of November 2019
Husets Biograf 

The Performance "Death on Screen" is presented in an english version for the first time.

21st of November 2019

Cassette-Television has its World Premiere at ULTRACINEMA 2019 in Guelatao Oax (Mexico).

07th of November 2019 // 19 pm

For the Opening of the exhibition Soliddizzy Soyuz Apollo is presenting its Adios Breaker 55.

30th of July 2019

The German and the English Version of Cassette-Television are completed.

29th of June 2019 // 9 pm

Soyuz Apollo and Michael Steinhauser are performing at the artspace Wendenstraße.

Billhorner Brückenstrasse 40
20539 Hamburg